Alfie Curtis, Dr. Evazan in Star Wars, Passes Away at 87

Alfie Curtis, Dr. Evazan in Star Wars, Passes Away at 87

Alfie Curtis, Dr. Evazan in Star Wars, Passes Away at 87

A New Hope, Luke Skywalker runs into a less-than-welcoming cantina attendant named Dr. Cornelius Evazan, who randomly decides that he doesn't like him and sics his friend Ponda Baba to attack him before Obi-Wan Kenobi intervenes. Fans and cast members have taken to Twitter to share their tributes, including Mark Hamill.

In addition to his role as Evazan, Curtis starred in several British TV series namely "Ted" in 1986's television miniseries "Lost Empires", "Larry Grayson", and "Matt Beckett" on the 1980-1981 television series "Cribb".

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Some shared their condolences on Twitter.

Hamill recalls the cantina scene as "one of the most memorable". As horrific as he was on-camera, off-camera he was amusing, kind & a real gentleman. He was happy to see you in the recent film. "The bar scene in #StarWars remains one of the coolest sequences ever committed to film. Even STAR WARS itself ripped it off, attempting to top it on several times only to fall short of the original's ramshackle magic", another wrote. "I have the death sentence on 12 systems", he tells Skywalker, in a scene that is on the minds of all Star Wars fans right now.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now playing in theaters.

According to the BBC, news of Curtis' death broke Tuesday evening (12/26).

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