Alaska Airlines to investigate Randi Zuckerberg's report of sexual harassment on plane

Randi Zuckerberg Slams Alaska Airlines For Letting Drunk Passenger Harass Her

Randi Zuckerberg complains of sexual harassment on Alaska Airlines flight from fellow passenger

In a letter to executives of the Alaska airline, she explained and said that she was extremely uncomfortable with a man sitting near to her, he constantly made sexually explicit and made comments to her.

"Feeling furious, disgusted and degraded after an Alaska Airlines flight during which the passenger next to me made repeated lewd, inappropriate, and offensive sexual remarks to me", Randi posted on Facebook.

The flight attendants then apparently offered to move Zuckerberg from her first-class seat to a middle seat "at the very back of the plane".

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"He started talking to me about touching himself, kept asking me if I fantasized about the female business colleague I was traveling with, rated and commented on the women's bodies boarding the aircraft as they walked by us", she wrote in her complaint, which was also posted on Facebook.

When Zuckerberg complained, the flight crew continued to let the passenger get liquored up on tiny bottles of alcohol, and allegedly told her that he was a frequent traveler and "just doesn't have a filter" and not to "take it personally". On this, she said in the letter that "Which I nearly did until I realized ... why should I have to move?"

Zuckerberg further asserted that when she brought this to the notice of the flight attendants, they told her that this guy was a frequent flyer and that she should just ignore him. "I am the one that is being harassed!" she said in the letter. "Once Ms Zuckerberg told flight attendants about this man's behaviour, they should have moved him to a different seat or ejected him from the airplane". "I guess his $ means more than our safety?" she tweeted.

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"We can not support businesses that are complicit in allowing this behavior, and value the money of harassers over the comfort of their passengers", Zuckerberg wrote. They said the man often flys on the same route and they've talked to him about his actions before.

The airlines said on Thursday that it was investigating the matter. "While it never should have happened in the first place, I am thankful that they are taking the situation seriously".

The airline said in part: "We want our guests to feel safe".

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"What Randi Zuckerberg shared with us is very disturbing", the spokesman, Mr Ray Lane, said. It remains unclear why the passenger was not removed from the flight.

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