Activists gather at University Verizon to protest net neutrality rollback

Net neutrality protests coming to a Verizon store near you today

Shouting #StoptheFCC, Net Neutrality Defenders Target Lawmakers and Verizon Nationwide

Many have come out and spoken against repealing this regulation, yet the FCC, specifically chairman Ajit Pai, continue to ignore this outrage, focusing only on the potential profit - Mr. Pai was a lawyer for Verizon, which has stated outright that if these regulations were removed, they would introduce "fast lanes" for websites that paid more and throttle the speed to websites that did not choose to pay for this service, whether due to their belief that the internet should be free to all to browse as they see fit, or because they simply can not afford to pay such a fee.

They were part of a national protest against Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to repeal net neutrality.

Demonstrators marched outside a Verizon store in Kenwood Thursday.

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"We're just concerned about the corporations taking over the internet", said Sue Bolesh when asked what brought her out to protest. The organizer of the Redding protests, Valerie Anderson, asked people to call Congressman LaMalfa and express concerns about the pullback from net neutrality.

They say Pai, who was once a lawyer for Verizon, is ignoring the overwhelming public support for Net Neutrality.

Although the future of internet regulation has been a hot-button issue since President Donald Trump appointed Pai, an industry insider, to lead the FCC, the action on the ground has intensified in recent weeks, with an official vote to roll back consumer protections-and "destroy the internet as we know it"-scheduled for next week". Without Net Neutrality, certain web sites could be blocked from users, cable and phone companies could create "fast" and "slow" lanes based on payments, and you would be paying substantially more if you wanted to enjoy the same level of Internet that you now use.

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Demonstrators are sharing scenes from Thursday's protests on social media with the hashtags #StoptheFCC and #NetNeutrality.

Several protesters expressed their worry that the fate of net neutrality was being decided in a less than democratic way or that the end of net neutrality would allow political content to be restricted on the internet.

It's up to all of us to fight for the free and open internet- or we're going to lose it.

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