Waymo's autonomous cars are already on public roads without safety drivers

Waymo's fully self-driving cars are here

Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel

"We want the experience of traveling with Waymo to be routine, so you want to use our driver for your everyday needs", John Krafcik, Waymo's chief executive officer, said at the Web Summit conference in Portugal.

Google stablemate Waymo has begun testing its self-driving cars on the mean streets of Phoenix, Arizona, without a driver at the wheel.

Waymo is a company created out of Google's self-driving programme, and was seen as a way to step up efforts to commercialise the firm's industry-leading efforts in autonomy.

We all knew there would eventually come a day when self-driving cars would start roaming USA streets without someone in the driver's seat for safety, but you still might be surprised that the day has come this soon.

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The outfitted Chrysler Pacific minivans still have employees in the auto, but they are no longer at the wheel, instead in the back seat where they can only push a button to pull over the vehicle.

In his speech, Krafcik sketched out a near future where Waymo-powered self-driving vehicles could be deployed for a range of missions, with interiors to match. To date, Waymo vehicles have been operating on public roads with a test driver at the wheel.

It completed its first successful test of a ride-hailing service two years ago, when it ferried a blind man in the Austin, Texas, area, and has since been testing its service with engineers in the front seats of its vehicles.

Initially, the shortstop-free robo-cars will not carry members of the public, the company said. "Because they no longer have to be designed around a driver, just people", Krafcik said. The current passengers for this test are Waymo employees, however, so it's not as if the Alphabet-owned company is throwing caution to the wind; instead, it's showing that it's ready to move to the next major phase of operations after around a decade of working on this incredibly complex problem. "You could take these vehicles for one ride, for a day, for a week, or even longer", Krafcik said.

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During a demonstration last week, Waymo gave rides to reporters on a closed course that included citylike scenarios. Once these measures have passed - and other self-driving companies have developed more road-ready systems - fully self-driving test programs could rapidly expand.

"Waiting for highly autonomous vehicles that are many times safer than human drivers misses opportunities to save lives", the report concluded.

Waymo's vehicles will now be able to take people who signed up to be early testers of the service anywhere in the greater Phoenix area, which the company says will soon comprise an area larger than that of Greater London.

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