Ubisoft CEO says there's two more years until a new console generation

Incase’s hardshell roller can even charge your Xbox controller on the

Incase’s hardshell roller can even charge your Xbox controller on the

For those that want a cheaper alternative, you can always pick up an Xbox One S for around $200 or wait it out for special holiday bundles. With not enough consoles to go around and everyone firing up their Xbox One X and sharing their experiences, having to wait for the console to be restocked would help generate more buzz to keep the sales thriving. Microsoft Store on Monday, Nov. 6th, 2017, in New York City.

Unfortunately, Spencer didn't say when fans might be able to enjoy the fruits of these new studios, so we're all playing the waiting game right now. These will join Assassin's Creed, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Halo 3, for a total of seven Xbox 360 games that are getting Xbox One X enhancements.

Mike Evans suspended one game for cheap shot on Marshon Lattimore
Evans was only penalized Sunday for unsportsmanlike conduct. Lattimore then pushed Winston in response. That's not having your teammates' back.

Nearly completely selling out of the Xbox One X on launch day could be an impressive accomplishment for Microsoft and the retailers who helped distribute that console, but that hinges entirely on how many consoles there were to sell in the first place.

There's a much more subtle nod to Xbox history on the box itself - that is, the packaging for the console - but you might not have caught it.

Broadcom bids $130 Billion to acquire Qualcomm
There has been regulatory scrutiny for that deal in Europe, as well as reported objections from NXP stakeholders. Qualcomm recently agreed to buy NXP for a total of $47 billion in an all-cash deal .

During the night Liam Payne and Caleb McLaughlin joined other gamers on Xbox Live Sessions, Microsoft's interacting gaming channel on their recently acquired Mixer Xbox Channel where they played Minecraft and Forza Motorsport 7.

You didn't think Microsoft's console would be free of launch errors, did you?

Twitter now lets you tweet 280-character updates
Twitter users also expressed concerns the higher count goes against the spirit of the service and its 140-character concept. Long-form tweeting is now the standard for everyone, and the changes are in the process of rolling out to all users.

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