Twitter fixes another important problem with support for 50-character usernames

President Donald Trump has already gotten the hang of longer tweets

President Donald Trump has already gotten the hang of longer

Five hours later, she quoted a tweet with more than 280 characters when a Twitter user insulted her cooking skills. Twitter reports that it found more people were more satisfied when they could use more characters - it's like ice cream that way...

Twitter suspends blue check mark verifications
The verification of Kessler's account angered many users because of previous posts and actions. However, some far-right and white-supremacist accounts have now also been verified.

While Twitter's argument is quite valid, that feature would serve the same goal in Nigeria as individuals will have more characters with which they can express themselves - even if such expression is to pile insults on other Twitter users. Display names can now be up to 50 characters in length - usernames, unfortunately, remain unchanged. It's the displayed name on your tweets next to your constant @username. Earlier a profile could have a name of up to 20 characters. Meant to also allow users more freedom of expression, the change wasn't exactly well-received by most users. "Oh, and add an emoji there somewhere!". Those 50 characters cover not just alphanumeric symbols but all sorts of glyphs, including everyone's favorite emojis.

Eurozone growth to hit fastest in a decade in 2017
In the European Union , the unemployment rate is projected at 7.8% this year, 7.3% in 2018 and 7.0% in 2019. The EC said growth this year is supported by private consumption and rebounding investment.

Changing your display name is a simple matter of heading to Settings, but full details are available on Twitter's support pages. When they made the 280-character rollout, they had a long, nearly scientific explanation as to why they were doing so (although not everyone really bought it).

'Nothing Immoral' Or 'Deeply Disturbing'? Republicans Split On Roy Moore Allegations
This, even as Moore's would-be Republican colleagues have called on him to quit the race if the allegations were true. At least two said they would vote for Moore even if he had committed sex crimes against a 14-year-old.

Having these two major changes aren't sitting well with everyone, but let's see if this can somehow save the drowning ship that is Twitter.

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