This Is How Your Choice Of Alcohol Could Be Affecting Your Mood

Booze makes you feel angry sexy or tearful say scientists proving the obvious

Study finds different booze can impact your mood

There's an urban myth that gin makes you sad and most people probably dismiss it as exactly that.

The researchers from Public Health Wales and King's College London also found that spirits were also associated with the highest levels of feeling sexy, with four in 10 saying that spirits made them feel this way.

RG: Why do you think people associate different emotional responses with different types of alcohol? . The percentages are all low to mid-range, with very similar scores to red wine in terms of confidence (28.27 percent), sexiness (23.73 percent), aggressiveness (2.74 percent), illness (14.50 percent) and restlessness (6.43 percent).

Meanwhile, red wine (53 per cent) and beer (50 per cent) were found to be the most relaxing alcoholic drinks. It could be, for example, that people drank spirits while out dancing, which might make them feel energised, and drank red wine at home watching TV, when they were exhausted.

A group of British psychologists conducted a study on the relationship between the type of alcoholic beverage and the resulting emotions.

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Women were more likely to report any type of emotion, positive or negative, with any type of alcohol. British scientists have noted that men in a state of intoxication more in control of their emotions than women.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

'Results from these analyses can be used by public health bodies to better understand alcohol consumption behaviour and to inform strategies and interventions to promote changes in consumption, particularly among heavier drinkers, ' they said.

Studies about alcohol, especially those that seem to back up existing stereotypes, often attract a lot of media attention, whether they're about red wine and heart health, or gin and feeling emotional.

Moreover, spirits have a higher alcohol content. "People get that rush", he said, "and of course it damps down the consideration of the repercussions of some of the actions they might take". "As people get the kick from escalating alcohol levels, the same increases reduce the brain's ability to suppress impulsive feelings or to consider the consequences of acting on them".

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Krakower, though, doesn't think that will help folks who are dependent on alcohol.

How do different alcohols affect our mood? They may also be less likely to be consumed with food than wine or beer.

Just 20 per cent said a spirit-laced drink would help them unwind.

Dancing or socialising may make people feel energised and confident, compared to sitting on the sofa watching television.

Well, it looks like there really is a connection between how we feel and what we drink.

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"This study appears to confirm the widely held perception that different drinks produce different emotional responses", James Nicholls of Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern who was not involved in the study tells HuffPost UK. "Someone who wants to relax might choose to have a beer or a glass of wine".

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