North Korea Blasts US Terrorism Blacklisting

Kim Jong-un Donald Trump Anthony Shaffer

FOX•GETTYNorth Korea news Anthony Shaffer said the US had to start targeting Kim Jong-un personally

The move infuriated China, which is North Korea's main trading partner. That would close one of the widest loopholes in the efforts to isolate the regime.

Pyongyang has lashed out at the U.S.' re-listing of North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism as well as its new round of sanctions on North Korean and Chinese entities. Instead, the North Korean media has denounced President Trump in often insulting language to which Trump has responded in twitter messages insulting Kim Jong-Un.

"We hope the relevant parties will do more to help deescalate tensions and come back to the track of peacefully resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation".

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"We'll have to see what other states do, if they take similar measures or if they reassess their relationship or if they suspend any kinds of economic relations, which we've seen some states doing anyway", he said, pointing to Singapore and the Philippines as examples. The spokesperson noted that their actions included expulsion of North Korean workers and diplomats. Portugal said it would sever all ties with North Korea and Sudan recently became the first African country to cut trade with North Korea.

European researchers who gathered information from announcements made on North Korean state media have come up with a list of 15 places, mostly in the USA and Japan, which they say are on North Korea's list of targets.

The decision was labelled a "serious provocation" by the North Korean regime.

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The timing of the added pressure on North Korea could work against bringing it to negotiate an end to its nuclear and missile programs.

More seriously, however, Trump during his recent swing to East Asian capitals sought to line up broad support for tough policies toward North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un - apparently intentionally - ignored Song Tao, who made a four-day trip to Pyongyang as an envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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That could be a message that Kim was displeased with what China has been doing over the crisis - including Beijing's participation in the United Nations sanctions - and that he would remain as defiant as ever against the worldwide pressure and even China's advice.

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