Moderate coffee drinking could be good for you, says new research

Drink up: Three cups of coffee a day 'may have health benefits'

Three Coffees a Day Brings More Health than Harm

For different grown-ups, moderate caffeine consumption compares to 400mg or less every day - or three to four containers - however coffee isn't the main drink (or sustenance) to hold up under as a main priority. There were also lower rates of type 2 diabetes, gallstones and dementia associated with coffee consumption.

Everyone knows that there are thought to be tremendous health benefits to coffee, but experts sometimes warn people that they should pace themselves and avoid drinking too much. Additionally, there was a correlation between high coffee consumption and increased risk of bone fractures in women, although not in men. To better comprehend its benefits Robin Poole-A Health Specialist at the University of Southampton-Britain conducted a research in an "umbrella review" of two hundred and one studies based on observational findings and seventeen studies based on clinical analysis throughout different countries and all cultures.

Umbrella reviews look at previous meta-analyses and provide a high-level summary of the combined research.

Another one reported that coffee could halve the risk of premature mortality among those with HIV or hepatitis C. But how reliable are these studies?

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'Roasted coffee is a complex mixture of over 1,000 bioactive compounds, some with potentially therapeutic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, or anticancer effects, ' they wrote.

Or, conversely, how much is not enough if you want to harness those supposed health benefits?

The researchers found people who drank more than three cups a day did not tend to see any additional benefits, and other studies have shown people who drink much more than this start to do themselves harm.

Coffee drinkers have a 36 per cent lower chance of developing Parkinson's disease and a 27 per cent lower risk of Alzheimer's, they found.

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So, the authors urge that "robust randomized controlled trials are needed to understand whether the observed associations are causal".

Commenting on the BMJ review, Eliseo Guallar, from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said there was still uncertainty about the effects of higher levels of coffee intake.

Finally, Guallar cautions that drinking coffee is sometimes linked with less healthful habits, such as eating sugary cakes or other fatty products.

However, even with these caveats, "moderate coffee consumption seems remarkably safe, and it can be incorporated as part of a healthy diet by most of the adult population", he concludes.

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