Apple iPhone 8: Battery Issues Blamed On YouTube!

iPhone X iOS 11.1.1 gets jailbroken

iOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

With the new software update iOS 11.2, Apple is planning to unlock faster wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. On a Belkin charger that supports 7.5W speeds, the iPhone X went from 46 to 66 percent charge in half an hour, as opposed from 46 to 60 percent on a 5W charger. However, while convenient, it did have some drawbacks compared to plugging in an old-fashioned Lighting cable.

It looks like there is a problem with Google's YouTube app on Apple's iOS 11.

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Still, that ramp up to 7.5W is barely touching the current limits of the Qi wireless charging technology, which allows for up to 15W of power to be transmitted to compatible devices. A number of users of the app have reported problems with the battery on their device draining whilst using the app. Users are reporting problems with the app on both the iPhone and iPad.

Wireless charging on the latest iPhone is convenient, but it hasn't been very fast.

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MacRumors tested the upcoming feature using the Belkin charger.

It should be noted, however, that although 7.5W speeds are much appreciated, the iPhone X and its siblings are still behind - far behind - rivals when it comes to wireless charging capabilities.

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Apple had previously said faster speeds would be released in a future update, which seems to be iOS 11.2. The Qi standard, now at v1.2, actually supports up to 15W being delivered.

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