Abdullahs slam Pervez Musharraf over remark on Hafiz Saeed

Yes I Have Met Hafiz Saeed I Am His Biggest Supporter Lashkar-e Taiba Is Active In Kashmir: Pervez Musharraf

Global terrorist, but a free man in Pakistan: 5 things to know about Hafiz Saeed

Saeed, however, said Sharif deserved to be removed for his peace overtures with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. "Time has come to start finding ways of talking with Pakistan and finding a solution which will be in the interest of people of Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh", he said. "Clearly he will say anything to find a foothold in Pakistan", Omar, who is the working president of National Conference (NC), wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.

According to various sources, Pervez Musharraf said that Lashkar-e-Taiba are the strongest forces. He also answered "yes" on being asked if he likes Saeed, adding, "I have met him".

Saeed, the co-founder of LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief, was freed by a Pakistan court after 297 days of house arrest.

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Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has once again expressed his fondness for Jamaat-ud Dawah (JuD) chief and Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Hafiz Saeed and backed his outfit's role in waging "Jihad" in Kashmir. India got them declared as terrorists after partnering with the US.

"Yes, they (LeT) are involved in Kashmir. This (LeT and JuD) is the biggest force and they have been declared terrorists by India and the USA jointly", Musharraf said.

NEWLY freed Pakistani Isla-mist Hafiz Saeed, who has a $10 million United States bounty on his head, spoke at last Friday's (24) prayers in a mosque in Lahore after being freed from house arrest by a court that said there was no evidence to hold him.

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Saeed, who is accused of having masterminded the November 2008 Mumbai attack that killed 166 people, was placed on the terrorism blacklist by the United Nations under UN Security Council Resolution 1267 in December 2008. "In Pakistan, we don't call him a terrorist", 73-year-old Musharraf said.

The US government has already warned Pakistan of "repercussions" on US-Pak ties if Hafiz Saeed is not re-arrested. The organisation that is exclusively responsible for banned Lashkar-e-Taiba is The Jammat-ud-Dawa that was responsible for carrying out the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in 2008.

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