Trump's threats over Iran deal can plunge him into new crisis

Iranian missiles to become more precise

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Over the past few weeks, Trump has indicated that he would not be recertifying the Iran deal - a process required by a provision in a 2015 United States law according to which he informs Congress every three months if the Islamic Republic is adhering to the terms of the agreement in exchange for broad global relief from oil, trade and financial sanctions.

Iran had to accept 15 years of limits on its spent fuel reprocessing and on its centrifuge enrichment capacity.

Democrats, and even some senior Trump administration officials, backed recertification and the continuation of the deal.

President Trump faces an October 15 deadline to decide whether to certify Iranian compliance with the nuclear agreement, which is created to keep it from developing nuclear weapons for the next few years.

Warnings came after the White House said on Friday that President Donald Trump would announce new USA responses to Iran's missile tests, support for "terrorism" and cyber operations as part of his new Iran strategy.

However, the United Nations watchdog charged with monitoring Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has repeatedly said the country is complying with the technical aspects of the deal.

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Analysts say such a move would have a very limited impact on the Guards, who are already subject to a wide range of sanctions and whose external operations arm - the Qods Force - is already designated as a terrorist organisation.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 19, the USA president described the JCPOA as "the worst and most one-sided transaction Washington has ever entered into", a characterization he often used during his presidential campaign.

In congressional testimony last month, Mattis and General Joseph Dunford Jr, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, reaffirmed their qualified support for the Iran deal.

European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has said on Monday that Iran's compliance had been verified on at least eight occasions, and called for efforts to honour worldwide cooperation instead of dismantling them.

He slammed the USA administration for efforts to replace "the rule of law with the law of the strongest", expressing his country's resolve to remain committed to the historic deal.

Raghfar believes Trump's plan on Iran will get approval from the US Congress, adding that European countries may follow the Trump's attitude towards Iran, regardless of their current opposing views to the plan. Not to mention the Israeli security establishment, our nuclear allies and negotiating partners in Britain and France, and the other parties to the agreement, such as China, Russia, and Germany.

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President Trump is expected to announce soon he will not recertify that Iran is in compliance with the deal.

"Nixing the deal means restoring massive pressure on Iran, including crippling sanctions, until Iran fully dismantles its nuclear weapons capability", Netanyahu told the UNGA.

There's no evidence Iran isn't honouring its side of the deal.

As Donald Trump rattles his sabres at the Islamic republic, we take a look at the army he'd be up against.

Virtually from the beginning of his presidency, and especially in the run-up to the latest deadline, Trump has been emphasizing Tehran's alleged non-compliance with the "spirit" of the agreement. "Iran could have dealt with Trump more cautiously because he is a radical leader and many of his actions are not always based on logic".

"Decertification" of the deal with Iran could lead Congress to reintroduce economic sanctions on Iran that were suspended under the deal.

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Since January 2016, IAEA has repeatedly verified Iran's compliance with its nuclear-related commitments.

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