[State-Sponsored] Hackers Continue Successfully Targeting White House Officials

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly turned the phone over to IT staffers during the summer complaining that it had not been operating properly for months sources told Politico

Trump's chief of staff John Kelly's cellphone has been 'compromised' by hackers or foreign government: report

Unknown hackers obtained access to Chief of Staff John Kelly's personal cell phone, potentially as early as last December, three US government officials told Politico.

Officials believe the breach to Mr. Kelly's phone dates back to December, raising concerns that hackers or foreign governments may have accessed his data while he was serving at DHS. When he turned the phone in to the White House" IT department in the summer, Kelly complained that the phone had not been working properly for "months'.

"A White House spokesman said Kelly hadn't used the personal phone often since joining the administration", according to Politico.

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John Kelly, White House chief of staff, was apparently using a compromised phone without being aware of it for months.

Kelly was secretary of Homeland Security between late January and Late July, when he took the second most powerful job in the West Wing. The e-mails in question, according to Politico, include "nonpublic travel documents, internal schedules and some official White House materials", many of them sent by Ivanka herself.

While it isn't confirmed what phone Kelly was using that had been breached by the state-sponsored hackers, Kelly has been seen using iPhone on several occasions.

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Kelly also has an official government phone, which appears to have not been affected.

"The [attackers] I would be most anxious about are nation-states or other actors who may have access to resale of commercial spyware sold to nation-states", Marczak explained. The White House did not release any official information on the matter, but it did run a one-page memo in September, which circulated throughout the administration. "The average user won't notice anything at all".

Officials are so far unable to pinpoint an exact culprit and time when the phone was first compromised. It's unclear whether the Android is Trump's original Galaxy S3, however, or a newer, more secure Android.

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