Spanish Government Issues Veiled Death Threat To Catalan Leader

Catalonia: French minister calls for stronger EU to SQUASH separatist movements

Why Catalonian independence terrifies the EU

Last week, Catalonians voted overwhelmingly for independence.

With the crisis deepening, and no sign of an end to political instability, some Catalan businesses have announced they are relocating their headquarters to other parts of Spain to avoid the possibility of getting knocked out of the European Union common market by a Catalonian secession.

Leaders in Catalonia are facing increasing domestic and global pressure to abandon plans to declare independence from Spain, ahead of a planned speech by Catalonia's regional president.

The vote was held without regular electoral lists or observers - and polls indicate Catalans are split on the prospect of independence.

On Saturday, thousands of pro- and anti-independence supporters took to the streets across country to demand dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona.

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"A region newly-independent would, by the fact of its independence, a third country in relation to the Union and all the treaties no longer apply to its territory from the first day of its independence ", said Romano Prodi in 2004.

"If [Spain] can take the powers away from Catalonia, my real worry is that Westminster could do the same to us".

Two days before an anticipated declaration of independence by Catalan leaders, it was the turn of the people whom Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, has labelled the "silent majority" to raise their voices against the drive towards secession.

Barcelona police said 350,000 people gathered, while march organizers claim as many as 930,000 people turned out. Rajoy has said the central government could take direct control of Catalonia, which now has a measure of autonomy.

A spokesman for the Catalan parliament told CNN that the session will take place at 6pm CET, and Mr Puigdemont will give members an update on the "current political situation". "We will do everything that legislation allows us to ensure this", Rajoy told the German newspaper Die Welt.

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The Catalan referendum result, which yielded a 90 per cent victory in favour independence, will be brought before the Catalan parliament by Catalan president Carles Puigdemont on Tuesday evening.

The vote, which was won by the Yes side, was broken up by police, who beat voters with batons.

The region, home to 7.5 million people with their own language and cultural traditions, accounts for a fifth of Spain's economy.

When Puigdemont's minister for external affairs, Raul Romeva, was asked by Belgian broadcaster RTBF if the independence declaration would happen, he replied, "Is there an alternative to that?" suggesting Catalan authorities were willing to listen to other options.

Marta Gimenez, a recent law school graduate who works for a major Spanish bank, said that the secessionists keep talking about how Catalonia is oppressed.

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The global community is also speaking up on the eve of what could be Spain's most dire crisis in recent history.

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