Smith & LaVar Ball Go At It After Lonzo's Debut

Lob City still in full effect as Clippers cap silent Lonzo Ball debut with rout over Lakers

LaVar Ball Takes Shot at Patrick Beverley After Clippers Shut Down Lonzo

Numerous players have called him out, including Beverley.

During Ball's pro debut Thursday night, Beverley bumped him, bullied him, stripped him and blocked him - essentially shut down Ball, who finished with 3 points, four assists and nine rebounds in the Clippers' 108-92 victory.

After the game, Beverley was much more diplomatic, calling Ball a "great talent" and telling reporters that he'll be better for having gone through tough games like this one.

Months ago, LaVar came out and said Steph Curry wouldn't go over to guard Ball. Giving Beverley a little shove, he took the ball and dribbled it up the court. I was 94 feet guarding him tonight.

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Few players would play Lonzo as aggressively as Beverley, but it nonetheless helped prove a theory that many expected - LaVar's brash public persona will have an effect on Lonzo's career.

The outlandish comments by his father LaVar may have boosted his profile significantly but have only served to make his rivals more determined to beat him. "And your check still ain't going to go no higher than what it is".

John Wall saw this coming from a mile away. telling us back in February that National Basketball Association players like Patrick Beverley are gonna come for Lonzo Ball all season long to "leave a statement". He played all previous year and nobody said nothing about him.

Back when LaVar Ball was first firing up the Lonzo-hype machine, we spoke with Wall about how LaVar's braggadocious statements could affect the Lakers rookie on the court. Because Lonzo's name is attached to it ... Nobody is going to care about you.

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Beverley, who was acquired in the Chris Paul trade this summer, is notoriously known across the league as one of the best defenders.

"Lonzo did good!" LaVar said. Beverly is an NBA All-Defense First Team guard and is notorious for his tenacious defense against opposing point guards.

"You ain't got to say it by name because I saw the way he looked at me when he was on the side of the bench", he said. "I told him after the game that due to all the riffraff his dad brings, that he's going to get a lot of people coming at him. I'm going to be training these young kids [his other sons]'". Moments later at midcourt, Beverley emphatically fouled the Lakers' rookie point guard and watched him fall. Yeah, you shut him down. OK.

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