SC woman gets box of illegal drugs in mail by mistake

Woman expecting yoga mat, gets $400000 in illegal drugs in mail instead

S. Carolina woman ordered a yoga mat; $400000 in illegal drugs unexpectedly arrived with it!

The woman told a local news channel that the pills were spilling out the sides of the package, so she didn't hesitate to call the police.

The woman explained she had ordered a yoga mat that was due to arrive on Saturday but when the mail carrier arrived, she handed the woman a package containing about 20,000 blue pills.

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Inside the package, the two bags contained approximately 10,000 pills each at a price of $20 a pill.

According to York County drug unit commander Marvin Brown, "vacant apartments, homes where people have gone to work for the day", are usually where drugs are shipped as someone can be there to await the arrival of the package. Someone may have been using that address as a drop point, he said.The post office forwarded the package to her current address after noticing the misspelled street name on the package. Brown said that the flawless place for drug pickups are, "vacant apartments [and] homes where people have gone to work for the day".

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He continued by saying the sender may have meant to send the package to the woman's former address at a empty condo in the area. She immediately called police after opening the box. Investigators are now working to figure out who sent them and who was supposed to pick them up. Police are reportedly working to trace the botched delivery back to the person in California who sent it.

Police seized the pills, which they believe are counterfeit oxycodone from Mexico.

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