Overwatch's Halloween Terror Event is Live, Check Out All the Features

Image source – 8tracks Radio

Image source – 8tracks Radio

Some of these items include special legendary skins like Corsair Ana, Van Helsing McCree, Dragon Symmetra, and Cultist Zenyatta.

You can check out all the new, leaked and returning Overwatch Halloween 2017 skins in the gallery below.

If you missed out on last year's skins, you've got another chance to get them, too!

The leaked images also confirmed the existence of 50 new Halloween-themed items, which will nearly certainly be available in special Jack-o-lantern loot boxes.

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The Overwatch Halloween Terror event will make a comeback in October 2017, as the event returns from when it first came to Overwatch back in October 2016. There's 50 new cosmetics overall, on top of last year's offerings once again being available in the Halloween loot boxes.

The return of the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl marks the first recycled seasonal event - but since we only got a month to play it a year ago, it's hard to complain. The update also adds new emotes, sprays and highlight intros to unlock.

Classic Summer Games skins cost 1,000 credits, instead of the 3,000 credits it usually takes to unlock limited Legendary skins.

That's compared to 3,000 credits for the brand new skins available for the likes of McCree and Reaper.

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Another Reaper skin for Halloween, is that suppose to be a ski mask? With the inclusion of last year's items, there are over 140 items to collect.

"This terrifying tale follows Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, an inventor and scientist who was once employed by the Lord of Adlersbrunn".

"Now Junkenstein plans his revenge against the Lord of Adlersbrunn, and only four heroes stand in the way". Blizzard has been doing an awesome job in keeping the details about the Halloween Event a secret, and players will have to access their accounts themselves to find out what is in store for them.

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