ME unemployment rate dips to 3.7% in September

RI, Mass. unemployment rates fall slightly

Wisconsin sees both job growth and unemployment rate increase in September

"The Department is hosting job fairs and employer engagement events all over the state to assist in matching willing and able workers to hiring employers", said Lindsay Kurrle, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor.

Nintendo Switch update brings video capture support
A week ahead of Nintendo's next big Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey , a big software update arrived to Nintendo Switch consoles. The second interesting feature of transferring user profiles and saving data to a new console is very helpful to satisfy users.

The unemployment rate in Broomfield County crept up one-tenth of a percentage point to 2.2 percent in September compared with 2.1 percent in August.

USA secretary of state to soon visit Pakistan to discuss regional situation
He explained why the USA and India are "two bookends of stability on either side of the globe", or, simply put, natural partners. He said China was offering financing that saddles countries with enormous debt and triggers for repayment that lead to default.

The agency says total private sector employment has grown by more than 24,900 over the year and stood at 2.69 million, or 16,800 above a November 2016 peak. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that MA has gained more than 62,000 jobs over the past year. Coming out of the summer tourism months, the leisure and hospitality sector last a seasonally adjusted 3,700 jobs. The biggest job losses were in the private service-providing sector, which lost 700 jobs over the month, but still is 1,300 more than previous year. The changes to the number of unemployed and the unemployment rate were statistically significant in the seasonally-adjusted series. It was the third straight month the rate has increased for the state after it plummeted in the first half of the year. "While there are more people working today than any time in the state's history and participating in the robust economy, there are still people who want to work but who may have a barrier to employment".

Google's Venture Arm Invests In Lyft As Anti-Uber Alliance Grows
GV, another Alphabet investment arm focused on venture capital, co-led a more than $250 million investment in Uber in 2013. Although Uber might have been first to market, Lyft is rapidly making a name for itself in the ride-sharing industry.

Wisconsin's most recent U-6 unemployment rate, which includes those included in the official rate plus those marginally attached to the workforce or employed part-time for economic reasons, was 7.2 percent for the 12 month ending in June.

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