Kate McKinnon Playing a Hybrid Pennywise-Kellyanne Conway Is Legit Terrifying

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway is seen earlier this month. She has brushed off past parodies in good humor saying'Things that aren't true don't bother

SNL depicts Conway as 'IT' luring Anderson Cooper into the sewer

In the sketch that mimics the paper sailboat scene from the box office-shattering horror movie, Alex Moffat's Anderson Cooper chases his news program rundown down a New York City sewer drain, where he spots McKinnon's Conway with Pennywise makeup.

"Wait, don't go! Don't you want a quote?"

"I toned it down", Conway replies.

"Hello, Coopy", says Kellywise, her insane smile smiling from underground. I give you quote. And yet - as in the skit - Cooper and Maddow are often just too tempted by the ratings draw to resist. A insane, crazy quote.

Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico
You can find out more details about the latest Uncarrier offering from T-Mobile over at their website at the link below. In a statement , T-Mobile framed this change as a way to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product ".

She lures Cooper in with a free copy of her book.

"OK, so, Puerto Rico actually was worse before hurricane Maria and the hurricane did actually blow some buildings back together".

But Conway offers another quote explaining that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson didn't call Trump a 'moron.' Instead, since they were enjoying a sundae and when and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles and the secretary said 'more on'. As Cooper reaches for it Kellywise bites down hard on his hand, which detaches from his body. He then heads out in a yellow raincoat, echoing Georgie's from the film.

Conway took that portrayal in good humor, saying at the time: 'Things that aren't true don't bother'.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have announced their engagement
Formerly of the Jonas Brothers, Jonas is now part of the band DNCE , which is famous for its hit 2015 song Cake By The Ocean. When asked if Turner's beau was rooting for her Game of Thrones character, Sansa Stark , to end up on the Iron Throne .

She then teases him with examples of the double-speaking, faux-outrage, outright nonsense that Conway so often delivers.

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon brought her interpretation of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to a whole new setting - the sewer.

Suddenly, cooper awakes only to discover that it was all a dream.

Hamas, Fatah sign deal on Palestinian reconciliation
Education Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of the nationalist Jewish Home party, blasted the deal. All previous Fatah-Hamas attempts to reconcile have quickly broken down.

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