Indian passport ranked 75 in Global Power Index 2017


Singapore now offers the world's most powerful passport

This move was enough to propel the Southeast Asian country to the top spot, as their residents now have easy access to 159 countries around the globe.

The passport index ranks passports based on their "total visa-free score" and each country receives a point for the number of countries that people with their passport can travel to without a visa.

Singapore has the world's "most powerful" passport, according to a global ranking topped for the first time by an Asian country with India figuring at 75th position, three notches better than its previous ranking. "It is a testament of Singapore's inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy", said Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital's Singapore office. The index also takes into account the United Nations Human Development Index into account. Singapore's top ranking this year is attributed to Paraguays removal of visa requirements for Singaporeans.

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The worst scorers are Afghanistan at 94th spot with a visa-free score of 22, while Pakistan and Iraq are both at 93 with a score of 26.

"Visa-free global mobility has become an important factor in today's world", said founder and president of Arton Capital Armand Arton at the recently held Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro.

For anyone who's traveled away from their native land to another country, the process of obtaining a visa can range from headache inducing to a shockingly invasive experience.

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The passports of 193 United Nations member countries and six territories were considered. This comparatively low number has contributed to the low ranking for the Indian passport.

\In Henley & Partners' 2017 Index, released in March, Germany retained its position at the top of the Index for the second year running, with visa-free access to 176 countries out of 218.

At present, Sweden and South Korea are tied for third place. Although in the "individual classification", the Belarussian passport is listed as coming in at 109th place, and Oman 111th place.

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