The future path of Hurricane Jose remains uncertain

Tropical Storm Jose as seen about 434 miles

After Irma, are we going to get clobbered by Hurricane Jose next?

It is at 26.5 degrees north and 66.4 degrees west, about 495 miles northeast of The Southeastern Bahamas and 410 miles south-southwest of Bermuda.

Hurricane Jose is performing its loop in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Jose is heading east at 5 mph about 450 miles north-northeast of Grand Turk Island, as of the 11 a.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

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Maximum sustained winds are near 75 miles per hour with higher gusts.

Long-range models suggest that the strengthening high-pressure area will then force the hurricane to move west-northwest toward the East Coast, according to the Weather Underground. The National Hurricane Center thinks Jose will still be hurricane by Friday, however. Long-term models diverge wildly after four or five days, but one Global Forecast System model does predict Jose making a path up the east coast and eventually hitting the coast of NY in about ten days.

"That's good for us", Sine said.

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Sine said a high surf and an increased risk of rip currents this weekend are likely impacts of Jose.

But the European computer model, the one that was most accurate tracking Irma as it moved closer to landfall, shows a turn back towards the Atlantic beginning some time Saturday.

As with Irma, Jose's exact threat to the United States is still unknown and will be determined over the coming days.

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The future path of Jose after it makes its stalling loop in the western Atlantic remains uncertain, but we will continue to monitor it for any potential USA impact.

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