Russian Federation and U.S. to build new space station to orbit the Moon

Russia Will Team Up with NASA to Build a Lunar Space Station

BREAKING: NASA and Russia reveal plan to build SPACE STATION in orbit around the MOON

The US and Russian Federation have signed an agreement to work together on the exploration of deep space, plans for which include a "spaceport" in orbit around the moon.

NASA wants to start work on the Deep Space Gateway, which will be crewed by four astronauts, in the mid-2020s.

A spaceport will be built in lunar orbit serving as a "gateway to deep space and the lunar surface", NASA writes. "Both agencies, as well as other International Space Station partners, see the gateway as a strategic component of human space exploration architecture that warrants additional study", the space agency continued. A joint statement on the plan was signed today at the 68th International Astronautical Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

Roscosmos and NASA have released statements saying that the two countries have a shared "common vision for human exploration".

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The space agencies of the United States and Russian Federation have signed a joint statement on researching and exploring deep space.

Igor Komarov, Roscosmos's general director, said: "To avoid future problems over technical cooperation, part of the standards should be unified - for a possibility for various countries to work on their craft and dock to the worldwide lunar station".

The agreement didn't give details about funding or engineering specifics, but the Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. were reportedly asked to create risk-reduction and construction plans for the new station.

"The period of exploration in the vicinity of the moon will begin with the first integrated mission of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft, and will continue as we explore further". It will also work on the station's docking mechanisms. The $100 billion ISS, which has been orbiting Earth at about 28,000 kilometres per hour since 1998, is the world's largest space project.

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"The station will be a serious platform for future research", he said.

What a rendezvous at the deep space gateway could look like.

Sending the first man into space in 1961 and launching the first Sputnik satellite four years earlier are among key accomplishments of the Soviet space programme and remain a major source of national pride in Russian Federation.

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