Now You Can Text For Free In The Air With Delta

A Delta Air Lines plane taxis toward a gate between other De

Now You Can Text For Free In The Air With Delta

Delta Airlines is allowing passengers to text during flights for free, the company announced on Tuesday.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian tells "CBS This Morning" in-flight messaging is coming soon. Customers on JetBlue, for example, already had access to free in-flight Wi-Fi, which would allow numerous same capabilities.

Customers will be able to access free messaging through Delta's Wi-Fi portal page, the airline said.

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Delta is offering passengers a way to stay connected on flights - without having to pay for Wi-Fi access. Well, texters worry no more... at least if you travel with Delta Air Lines. And if you're willing to shell out for the full Wi-Fi pass, you'll be able to send the full range of telecommunication messages again, too. 1, customers can use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to stay connected with their friends on the ground.

Bastion took over as CEO in May of past year.

Delta would be the first US global carrier to offer such a service on planes with two or more cabins.

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Delta is the biggest carrier to offer the service, though.

The airline will become the first USA global carrier to offer free mobile messaging, providing more customers access to free messaging than any other carrier starting on October 1.

However, the texting service doesn't support sending photos or videos.

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