Kim fires off insults at Trump, hints new test

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South Korean media later reported that North Korea's top diplomat said his country may test a hydrogen bomb in or over the Pacific Ocean to fulfill Kim's vow to take the "highest-level" action against the United States. The council has told member countries to ban most activity overseas by North Korea's banks in response to its nuclear and missile tests.

China called for calm regarding Pyongyang after US President Donald Trump promised to "totally destroy" North Korea should it attack the US or its allies.

He said the North's ultimate goal is to establish the balance of power with the U.S.

"I will surely and definitely tame the deranged US dotard with fire", Kim said on Thursday, according to reports.

Tillerson won't say what the USA response would be if Kim's government tested a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

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South Korean TV footage also showed Ri saying he feels "sorry for his aides" when he was asked about Trump's "Rocket man" comments.

Ri said the test would be the most powerful ever in the Pacific.

Trump's move to punish foreign companies that deal with the North was the latest salvo in a USA -led campaign to isolate and impoverish Kim's government until his country halts its missile and nuclear tests.

Hours later, Kim branded Trump as "deranged".

Seoul, Sep 22 North Korea could consider testing a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean in retaliation to Donald Trump's threats to destroy the country, Pyongyang's Foreign Minister said today.

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Trump has unleashed many strong statements on North Korea including his August warning the North will be met with "fire and fury".

He said the executive order will cut off revenue that funds Pyongyang's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

"This is the farthest north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) any United States fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off North Korea's coast in the 21st century, underscoring the seriousness with which we take the DPRK's reckless behavior", Pentagon spokesman Dana White said in a statement.

Earlier in the week, Mr Trump had used his first speech in front of the UN General Assembly to describe Mr Kim as being a rocket man on a suicide mission for himself and his regime.

"Foreign financial institutions must choose between doing business with the United States or facilitating trade with North Korea or its designated supporters", the order says. "The United States is ready, willing and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary".

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