Intel officially unveils the new 8th generation of Intel Core Processors

Intel targets high-end gamers with 8th-generation desktop chips coming Oct. 5

Intel Announces 8th Generation Core i7, i5, And i3 Processors For Desktops

The Intel Core i7-8700K has been officially announced and the CPUs will be going on the shelves on the 5th of October so stay tuned for more information regarding the CPUs.

It's not even been a year since Intel launched Kaby Lake, but, following last month's unveiling of its U-series 8 generation Core CPU's, the company has just announced the Coffee Lake desktop lineup, which includes what Intel is calling its best gaming chip ever. First, Intel has pushed up the clock speeds: the top-end Core i7-8700K can boost up to 4.7GHz out of the box, up from the Core i7-7700K's 4.5GHz. They offer a 40 percent speed boost over the previous generation and double the core/thread count in chips that previously featured two cores and four threads. Retail pricing will, naturally, be higher in all case.

Meanwhile, the company also launched its new Z370 chipset motherboard along with the processors, which Intel said delivers improved power for six-core processors, memory routing support for DDR4-2666, and enhanced package power delivery for overclocking. Those processors range from the $242 i5-7640S to the $1,999 i9-7980XE. The Core i3, targeted at budget-conscious buyers, offers 4 processing cores. The only caveat to the i3 taking the gaming crown will be the $14 required to upgrade to the i5 8400, a six-core/six-thread processor.

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Gamers would gain up to 25 per cent more frames per second on performance-intensive like "Gears of War" 4 when compared 7th-gen Intel Core chip.

Intel is also promising better overclocking from the unlocked 8th-gen CPUs which will offer per-core overclocking and other goodies including real-time memory latency control and extended PLL trim controls.

As expected, Intel's new CPUs will require a new chipset (Z370) and thus new motherboards. For the first time, Intel has added 6 cores to the Core i5 chips and we can also see Core i3 chips with four cores.

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The latest editions of Intel's desktop processors will be available from October 5 2017.

Several of the new chips are more expensive than the parts they replace. The new CPUs, codenamed "Coffee Lake", will allow you to edit 4K videos up to 32 percent faster.

Alongside these CPU improvements, the GPU has also been tweaked: the new UHD Graphics 630 component uses the same basic silicon as Kaby Lake, but clock speeds are higher, and there's also now hardware support for 4K HDR video. This is the highest ever on an Intel chip.

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