House passes $7.9B Harvey disaster aid package

How Harvey Impacts the Debt Ceiling Debate

How Harvey Impacts the Debt Ceiling Debate

Maybe my brain has turned to mush, but I don't get this. "And to play politics with the debt ceiling, like [Senate Democratic Leader Chuck] Schumer and [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi apparently are doing, I don't think, is a good idea".

Their first order of business will be an emergency funding measure for Harvey.

The Trump White House warned that in order to ensure that Texas receives the necessary funds, the Congress needs to tackle one more thing: the US debt limit. The request is meant to cover funding demands through the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

FEMA's funding challenge has been increased by Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that could strike Florida later this week.

"These are the president's immediate priorities: Pass disaster relief". The White House hinted at calling for an increase to be included in the disaster aid bill. Instead, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney suggested that relief operations could be disrupted if the debt limit isn't addressed quickly.

A senior House member, who asked to not be identified, called the tactic a "charade" and asked, "Why not attach the debt ceiling in the first place?"

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All the while, his administration has continued to issue new permits and extensions to immigrants who qualify. Still, he added, "we must also recognize that we are nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws".

House Speaker Paul Ryan is rejecting a Democratic idea to tie Harvey aid to a three-month increase in the debt limit.

It would also include a continuing resolution to provide government funding at current levels. Prevent a default. Fund the government. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that the two issues should be combined.

Senate Republicans hope to add an increase to the government's borrowing limit but Democrats announced on Wednesday that they only support a short-term increase.

Some conservative GOP lawmakers in the House have suggested spending cuts elsewhere to offset the new outlay of money to FEMA. Then the Senate would attach a debt ceiling increase or suspension.

Even staunch conservatives, such as David Schweikert and Trent Franks, both from Arizona and members of the far-right Freedom Caucus, have demonstrated a willingness to work within the constraints of the moment.

"I believe that FEMA is going to literally run out of money this week, at the end of this week", Cornyn said. That puts the onus back on House Republicans, many of whom oppose raising the debt limit.

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The House is nevertheless expected to easily pass the Harvey aid bill on the initial vote.

"I think at this point there are bigger issues that we have to focus on", Meadows said.

Legislation to protect DACA recipients has support from some Republicans. And in his reaction to Trump's termination of the DACA program, McConnell said, "This Congress will continue working on securing our border and ensuring a lawful system of immigration that works".

"Congress, get ready to do your job - DACA!"

"Our leadership is looking at different options and discussing them with the Senate so we just had a discussion about what some of those options are", Brady added. "Today in Congress there are no Republicans and no Democrats". It's not immediately clear when the Senate will take up the bill, but it is expected to sometime this week.

"It's the party. It's the Republican brand", Representative Dave Brat of Virginia. Republicans passed spending reforms with Barack Obama as president.

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