Construction crane collapses in downtown Miami

Miami hospitals prepare for surge in births during Hurricane Irma

Miami hospitals prepare for surge in births during Hurricane Irma

At least two construction cranes collapsed onto buildings in downtown Miami as Hurricane Irma brought deadly winds into South Florida on Sunday.

As member station WLRN reports from Miami, "City Manager Daniel Alfonso says officials knew Irma could be a serious threat with about a week's notice, and that wasn't enough time to take all the cranes down".

Vice Chairman of Coastal Construction Dan Whiteman said he has 12 cranes in the Miami area, which are created to spin like weather vanes to ensure stability, according to an Associated Press report.

They could not be moved ahead of Irma because the massive equipment, with counterbalances weighing up to 30,000 pounds, is a slow process that would take about two weeks to complete, according to city officials.

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The horizontal arms of the tall tower cranes, however, will remain loose despite the potential danger of collapse.

Southwestern coastal cities from Cape Sable and Captiva could see walls of water up to 15 feet, the National Hurricane Center said.

One crane collapsed on top of a high rise under construction at 300 Biscayne Boulevard, City of Miami officials tweeted. The tower cranes with a boom on top are created to spin like weather vanes, so they should be stable if Irma strikes, Whiteman said.

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"The luffing crane can not rotate like a weather vane", Whiteman said.

The cranes are created to withstand winds of up to 145 miles per hour.

The major exception, Whiteman said, is if a tornado forms, which "virtually nothing" would be able to withstand.

"Hurricane winds are blowing in one direction but a tornado could twist things, and nothing can be created to withstand the tornado effect", Whiteman said.

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