Columbus gas prices 30 cents higher than average and rising

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Days of destruction The story so far

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Days of destruction The story so far

Marshall Doney, President and CEO of AAA said: 'The storm has had a devastating effect on the lives of so many.

"There's gas being brought into the southeast by a lot of different methods", he said. That's causing prices at the pump to rise. The national average for retail prices hit $2.468 per gallon Thursday afternoon, based on GasBuddy's live ticking average. The price spike is more dramatic in some states such as Georgia, where the average cost per gallon of regular gas has climbed from $2.22 a week ago to $2.39 now.

The nation's largest refiner, Motiva's Port Arthur facility, which can handle 600,000 barrels of crude daily, will be shut for at least two weeks, according to sources familiar with plant operations. Thursday she paid $2.59. The average price per gallon in NY rose from $2.504 to $2.538 from Wednesday to Thursday, according to AAA. "There will be plenty of gas to pump (through the pipeline)".

The company is instead directing gasoline deliveries to designated stores across all parts of the metro area, QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said.

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A gas pipeline supplying parts of NY and Washington, D.C., with energy is shutting down as refineries in the Gulf of Mexico go offline amid flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.

Gas station manager Waly Faye said he expected another fuel shipment to arrive any minute, noting his service station saw an influx of customers rushing to fill up over the last couple days as prices began to rise.

After yesterday's RBOB gasoline futures expiration blowout, the Trump Administration is pulling out all the stops to try to reduce shortages of gasoline and try to calm down soaring prices. USA gasoline futures spiked 14% to $2.163 per gallon in recent trading.

The Environmental Protection Agency, in an effort to stay ahead of potential shortages, has been issuing waivers exempting more and more southeastern states from requirements that they use fuel that meets clean-air quality standards.

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Ingram explained the worst thing Alabamians can do is panic buy, which can snowball into a situation where there are needless shortages.

Ingram said he would not be surprised to see gas dip back below the $2-per-gallon mark this fall.

"If people aren't freaking out, the gasoline supply in SC could last until we start to see the normal flow of gasoline again", DeHaan said.

The AAA warned motorists that tightened access to gas supplies just as the nation enters the Labor Day holiday weekend means "motorists may not have seen the full impact of Harvey at the pump".

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