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We were not much excited when Apple revealed that the iPhone 8 is going to be made from glass and aluminium. The risk of fracture, a disadvantage of this design improvement of lacquer , is no longer confined to device's screen.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are available in the USA with a respective starting price of $699 and $799. Because Apple is demanding twice full service charge from replacement of rear window, according to change of e cran glass.

Having a fast-charger at your disposal will make a very convenient addition to your iPhone purchase since it will reduce the overall time it takes to charge your device.

Intel officially unveils the new 8th generation of Intel Core Processors
For the first time, Intel has added 6 cores to the Core i5 chips and we can also see Core i3 chips with four cores. The new CPUs, codenamed "Coffee Lake", will allow you to edit 4K videos up to 32 percent faster.

If that all sounds quite familiar, it's because the spec is nearly a match for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple is putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to use in the updated the iPhone Plus camera. In the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, that's housed in the Home button, but LG has shifted the sensor to the back of the V30 to make way for the bigger screen.

The processor of the smartphone is similar, the A11 Bionic, which also features on the new iPhone X as well as an HD retina display and a 12MP camera.

Nintendo to update Super Mario Run on 29 September with fresh content
Lately Super Mario Run has been forgotten by players as it didn't pose any more interest with nothing added for a few months. This is made of nine stages, and these become available after you've completed all the existing levels.

Apple might not be selling as many iPhone 8 units as some expected, but it's certainly profiting off the sale of each unit. Will you be preordering an iPhone X late next month? Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB) has been priced at a whopping Rs 73,000. Apple's iPhone sales have been slowing, but part of that effect may be because the previous three iPhone releases looked virtually identical to each other.

Along with the iPhone 8, preorders for the new Watch 3 have also been made available in the listings starting September 22.

Thisanalys is is done every year for popular high-end phones.

Quake detected near North Korea nuclear test site
A South Korean expert said the quake could have been caused by geological stress created from the recent nuclear explosion. The 3.4 magnitude quake that hit North Korea on Saturday is said to have been caused by a fresh nuclear test.

Compared to other smartphone making companies that are usually known to emphasize on specifications during its launch events, Apple does otherwise. It's most noticeable when used in conjunction with Apple's ARKit for augmented reality (AR) apps, even though such apps are useable on older iPhones running iOS11.

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