'American Horror Story' Season 7 Review: The frightening elections were relived

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson will play Ally in the new series

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson will play Ally in the new series

Initially, it was believed that there would be characters playing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Smushed together with a similar, yet no less horrific consistency, the likes of Asylum and Freak Show are connected by one recurring motif in American Horror Story: Cult that might have been hard to spot among the aforementioned cheeto blends and piss-filled condoms - and that's where we come in. That's what this show is about.

As reported ahead of the premiere, Peters is set to portray several cult leaders this season, including David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson. Instead, it's more about how Americans were so at one another's throats in the aftermath of the election, something that likely would have been true even if Hillary Clinton had won. For now, the conflict centers around Ally and Kai, the blue-haired, bigoted villain played by Evan Peters. Lena Dunham will play Valerie Solanas, a feminist who famously tried to murder Andy Warhol. He repeatedly stabs the guy and then runs after the girl to kill her too.

However, at the second house, a shock wave breaks out over the small group as Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) breaks down into tears.

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Kai goes to her room, presumably to gloat, but then something odd happens: they lock pinkies, implying some sort of pact between the two of them. For weeks leading up to premiere, an interactive website unlocked hints about the Twisty the Clown-inspired cult members who will presumably be introduced. She is bona fide insane, and soon thereafter starts seeing clowns everywhere.

"There's something about this sense of free-floating, general craziness and anxiety", said Murphy of the current state of America eliciting enough paranoia that, for the first time in the franchise, Cult will not feature any supernatural elements.

Ally, the co-owner and face of the Butchery on Main restaurant in their small MI town, quickly spirals out of control following the election, finding that her many phobias were coming back to haunt her: confined spaces, the dark, particles in the air, blood, holes and the fear of clowns. This doesn't go over well, but that doesn't bother Kai in the least. With some seasons, it happens more than others. Even the most basic places are no longer safe: A trip to the grocery store starts off ominously when a MAGA hat-wearing cashier declares, "We finally got a real leader in Washington". So, that's been very freakish. This a realm of cliches and characters who stand in for perspectives and demographics, so you now know everything about these characters that you're going to get.

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Aside from the giveaway title of season 7, Murphy also revealed that a central topic for this installment is cults and the different kinds out there. Over the course of the first episodes, the pair continue to cross paths. She expresses this to Ally, who, while defensive at first, vows to try and move past her fears, and help out more with the restaurant they own.

I want to preface this by saying I love entertainment bred from real-life situations. Ally exclaims. "I tried, you know that I did". But he's really attacked it, as has Sarah. During her alone time with the child, Winter convinces him to look at murders and dead bodies online. "And seeing those two get to go against each other has been a great reward".

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