WWE Reportedly Banned Beach Balls and Inflatable Pool Objects From Smackdown

WWE Reportedly Banned Beach Balls and Inflatable Pool Objects From Smackdown

WWE Reportedly Banned Beach Balls and Inflatable Pool Objects From Smackdown

Now, he says, Smackdown Live has gone from being great to absolutely glorious. Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder also had a good showing and were somewhat protected by the distraction finish. Ryder put Jimmy back in the ring and tried for a top rope move. The Sing Brothers stepped in and bragged about Jinder Mahal's title defense.

Social activists welcome SC's verdict on triple talaq
It is worth mentioning here that the SC bench that gave this historical verdict consisted of judges from five different religions. Muslim women, too, have respect. "We need to pay attention to how the decision is implemented".

Owens then thought he had done enough to claim the United States title but as he almost won, but Styles touched the rope to keep the match going. Seeking some payback, the king of strong style chose to subject the two to a handicap match, where the odds were ever in the favour of the single challenger as he demolished the pair and ended the match with a decisive Triangle Choke to Samir. As long as AJ Styles is the US Champ, this is Owens' last shot at the title. In addition, Owens was allowed to choose the referee for tonight's match. Finding a way to end the Styles-Owens feud, giving Nakamura a chance for retribution to continue the Mahal storyline, and pairing Owens and Zayn in a semi-friendly backstage segment were all intriguing choices.

Ford becomes the latest auto manufacturer to offer a diesel scrappage scheme
Consumers will be given 2,000 pounds off new Ford models ranging in price from around 12,000 pounds to more than 20,000 pounds. The offer announced Tuesday is available to new auto buyers who trade in vehicles registered before December 31, 2009.

AJ Styles was quick out of the blocks and attacked Kevin Owens from the opening bell but both showed their vast technique early on. Naomi got the win for her team on Carmella with the split legged moonsault. He said that he knows what it takes to be a star in WWE. This led to Owens walking out and saying that Styles didn't beat him at SummerSlam, but rather Shane McMahon screwed him out of the title. AJ Styles let Corbin know that he could answer his "US Open Challenge" if Styles was the victor, and Owens told Corbin he'd give him first shot at the title if he was the victor. Sure, we've seen Styles vs. Owens many times, but the hook of Owens picking his own referee was intriguing. A bump from Styles into Corbin, quickly saw the lone wolf referee become bias as can be. McMahon not happy with Corbin's officiating, ran down to the ring to speak with The Lone Wolf while Owens delivered a low blow to The Phenomenal One. Owens stared down towards the ring at Shane and Styles as WWE "SmackDown" went off the air.

Ian Kinsler fined $10000 for comments about Angel Hernandez, report says
Ausmus added that he felt it was ironic that the umpires were wearing white armbands when players aren't allowed to wear those. Which makes this even more remarkable that this would linger and become an issue. "I'm surprised at how bad an umpire he is".

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