Teenager attacked by flesh-eating sea lice

Teen Emerges From Beach With Bloodied Legs After A Quick Dip

Mystery flesh-eating sea bugs filmed devouring a slab of meat - after they left a teen with blood pouring from his legs on a Melbourne beach

A Melbourne teenager who had gone for a dip at a beach came home with his blood soaked in blood. "It was cold, so I expected my legs to go numb".

Marine biologist Genefor Walker-Smith has also since studied the samples Mr Kanizay collected and identified them as lysianassid amphipods, a scavenging sea creature.

"We could have said hundreds of small holes, needles, or bites the size of a pin head, everywhere on my ankles and top of my foot", he described.

To investigate further, the boy's father, Jarrod Kanizay, returned to the spot his son was bitten and dangled some raw meat into the water to attract the critters.

A teenager in Australia was reportedly attacked by a group of flesh-eating SEA LICE, who gorged on his feet when he went for a swim.

Locals have got back in the water at a Melbourne beach where a teen was left bleeding profusely from both legs, questioning the theory that sea lice might be to blame.

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"Maybe the strong westerly winds pushed them towards the shore and they congregated on the eastern side of the bay where Sam went", he said.

Sea lice are the prime suspect.

The 16-year-old was still hospitalized on Monday, but had been taken off antibiotics.

'There was a massive pool of blood on the floor (at the hospital).

"He caught them with a piece of meat at Brighton after teen was attacked".

"I think it's the most likely culprit", Dr Poore told The New Daily.

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Sam's not too anxious about it, though, and isn't going to avoid the ocean.

The teenager had played football and his legs had turned sore, he thought of relieving his pain by swimming and soaking his legs in the water of Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

She said the creatures do occasionally bite, but not with the severity that was evident in Kanizay's case.

Kanizay's father, Jarrod, told Fairfax Media that his son's mysterious condition had everyone in the hospital's emergency room "just fascinated, they were all on Google afterwards, hypothesising as to what happened".

"What is really clear is these little things really love meat", he said.

"They are not there for us to eat, but it may happen that they are trying to help themselves to a few, such as mosquitoes, leeches, or other species present in the nature", he told AFP. At first, he assumed the bleeding must've been because he cut himself on a rock, but then the bleeding wouldn't stop.

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Yikes. We'll let you know when researchers figure this one out.

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