Shenmue III's first teaser trailer was worth the wait

She wore a bright yellow beret the kind you’d see in a game of Shenmue

She wore a bright yellow beret the kind you’d see in a game of Shenmue

All of the characters seen in the footage sport blank, pale, emotionless faces of the type you'd expect to see on one of Madame Tussauds' wax dummies.

Quake kills 2 on Italy's Ischia island
Other rescue crews, as well as dogs trained to search for people under rubble, were arriving on ferries from the mainland. Six buildings including a church collapsed when the quake struck a few minutes before 9pm local time (7pm GMT) on Monday.

Ys Net shared a look at a new progress video for Shenmue III, giving us a look at the born-again Ryo and Shenhua as well as some scenes and stages from the latest build of the game. With the game making its debut at Gamescom this week (press and business only) it's the flawless time for a trailer, so the first proper teaser got its release today. Keep that in mind before freaking out about "facial animations" and "immersion". Then, a few years ago at E3, PlayStation announced that they would be teaming up with Yu Suzuki to bring the long awaited Shenmue 3 to the fans. The Shenmue series, signed by Yu Suzuki, is renowned for its extensive Quick Time Event sessions, which adapt to both cinematic sequences and real fights. This is probably because we've been spoiled by games using motion capture in recent years, but these are the standards that Shenmue III will be held to, and it's clear there's an enormous amount of work to be done.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell nearing contract extension
His ability to negotiate the terms of the current CBA made the owners a lot of money. Looks like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be around for a bit longer.

Of course, this is an early build, that too a small piece of it.

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In 2015, Mesereau represented Suge Knight in the former rap mogul's murder case, but the two parted ways the following year.

I'm pleased to be able to offer a small peek into what we've been building thus far, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to show you more as we get closer to our 2018 release.

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