Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo wrote love notes to each other

The Bachelorette Recap, Season 13, Episode 7: Swiss Cheese

Twitter Reacts To 'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Eric Bigger's Beard In Season 13 Finale

Rachel clearly does not think Peter would be right for "The Bachelor" - and she and Bryan both suggested Alex, whom fans may have forgotten. So truly, where do individuals see things going from here? Anyway, congrats, Rachel. You might not have gotten the man you wanted, but you got the ring. "Rachel actually told me she was in love with me back in the fantasy suites". "You know I'm direct!"

So, now that Rachel's journey has concluded - she got engaged to Bryan Abasolo after a grueling finale on Monday night - how did the show handle its "historic" season? The answers were not only more immediate but far less rehearsed than usual.

At that point she discovers some place down the line that dedication or no, the main person was really the one she ought to be with. "I went into this entire process totally open-minded and ready for whatever was thrown at me, and even with that I don't think I was prepared", he acknowledged. "She loves spending time with him and shopping for baby clothes and toys", continues the source, who says the Dallas-based attorney plans on having a big brood with Bryan. "I think we probably would've resented each other for it if she had agreed". Peter, whose breakup kiss with Rachel lasted five minutes and who cried when she left and who walked by her eyelashes for two days afterward because he didn't have the heart to throw them away. "And that's a lot". Moretz reveals she went home in tears that day. "You have no idea what it's like to be in this position". "This is insane town", I hear someone say, as I squeeze by and bump into someone else. "I don't at all".

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"This is our one argument: she wants four [children]. and I want three", Abasolo said with a laugh.

The Kenny and Lee drama continued, as Lee labeled Kenny "aggressive", and was pulled aside by another contestant to explain why that's an offensive term for black men. Lee said Kenny was playing "the race card".

"A beard can do wonders on a man #TheBacheloretteFinale", Jayda Lauryn tweeted. With emotions running high, Peter told Rachel to "go find someone to have a mediocre life with", which he now regrets saying. This is the way that it's been for most of the time that this show is on the air. "And were you prepared for that?" "I'm getting judged by black people, and I'm getting judged by everyone else".

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On Good Morning America today, Bryan, a guy who kisses women like he's licking the plate after a pie-eating competition, threw some shade at Peter by calling him "indecisive" and "wishy washy", but I really hope that isn't how he ends up being remembered. "No one who's ever said anything super negative to me has an unbelievable life". "So my journey for love shouldn't be any different than the other 12 bachelorettes that were in front of me".

The tears, the heartbreak and ALL the drama we endured this season was finally worth it as Rachel has officially chosen her ideal match.

True to form, the finale of this historic season didn't mention race - it focused on Rachel's heartbreak when she broke up with Peter, and her eventual engagement to Bryan. She's not happy that Peter Kraus told her she would have a mediocre life without him, and that Bachelor Nation seems to be taking his side instead of seeing the value of her relationship with new fiancé Bryan Abasolo.

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Lindsay offered a slightly different reason on "Good Morning America" for having been single, telling co-host Michael Strahan via FaceTime from a vehicle stuck in NY traffic, "I've dated a lot of Peters". You are the face of a franchise.

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