President Donald J. Trump Backs Raise Act

Trump, senators to unveil skills-based immigration bill | Democrats surge ahead on generic ballot: poll

Live Stream || Trump, Senators to Propose Lowering Legal Immigration

Cotton and Perdue announced their reform plan for immigration back in February by saying they want to lower legal immigration to 637,960 in its first year and to 539,958 by its tenth year.

President Donald Trump, along with Sens.

Mr Trump blasted the current immigration system as out of date and argued that it hurts American workers by driving down wages.

By admitting fewer low-skilled immigrants, exclusively on the basis of family relationships, it would reduce the rate of welfare dependence among newcomers.

The bill aims to end the diversity visa lottery, which allows 50,000 people from underrepresented countries to obtain green cards.

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Perdue said the proposed new immigration system will be both pro-growth and pro-economic growth. Despite the opposition, the bill fits firmly into Trump's campaign promises to curb immigration.

It would do so, the President said, by favouring English-speaking, financially stable immigrants. Twitter users responded to Trump's announcement nearly immediately, slamming his endorsement of a "merit-based" immigration system that would make it harder to obtain a Green Card while simultaneously doing nothing to help undocumented immigrants.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump appeared alongside Republican Sens.

No longer offer green card preference to the extended family or adult children of immigrants already living legally in the U.S. Spouses, children under 18 and sick parents would still be given preference.

The bill, Trump said, "would represent the most significant reform to our immigration system in half a century".

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Legal immigrants are coming into the country at historic lows, Bier said. The act will also limit refugee entry to 50,000 admissions annually. "The bottom line is to cut immigration by half a million people-legal immigration-doesn't make much sense", Schumer said. The potentially controversial legislation would dramatically tilt American immigration law towards a more merit-based system.

Our immigration system should continue to value families.

"Restricting family members from joining their families in the U.S. will make it harder for them to become fully American", the National Immigration Forum's executive director Ali Noorani said in a statement. "And economists point to the low unemployment rate, 4.4 percent last month, as evidence that there are relatively few Americans who are without jobs now, and that, as Baby Boomers retire, there will be a labor shortage".

"What happened to the old days when people came into this country and they worked and they worked and they worked and they had families and paid taxes and they did all sorts of things and their families got stronger and they were closely knit?"

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