NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell nearing contract extension

Roger Goodell is reportedly close to an extension that would run through 2024

Roger Goodell is reportedly close to an extension that would run through 2024. More

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the National Football League are close to a new five-year contract extension that would run through 2024 season.

Goodell, 58, has been the top executive in the nation's most popular sport since September 1, 2006, when he succeeded Paul Tagliabue.

Goodell made $44 million in the 2013-14 fiscal year and $34 million the next year. "Deal likely to get done, but still issues to work out".

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The deal is expected to be five years in length, which would keep Goodell at the league's helm through at least the 2024 season, per Monday's report.

Despite off-field turmoil and a seemingly endless list of controversies, the NFL plans to extend the tenure of commissioner Roger Goodell, per a report from the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo.

Looks like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be around for a bit longer. His ability to negotiate the terms of the current CBA made the owners a lot of money.

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When the revised policy, which was unanimously approved by the owners in 2014, was revealed, the association issued a statement expressing displeasure on not being able to collectively bargain any changes to the policy.

The NFL office has given up its status as a non-profit, flimsy as that was anyway, so it is no longer required to make Goodell's salary public. Players have no more leverage than they did when Goodell took over the league, and he is willing to be the judge, jury, and executioner in every player discipline case to ensure that they do not feel empowered.

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