Mario and Luigi are coming to Rocket League

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!

Rocket League to get Nintendo-themed cars on Switch

Three new Rocket League cars were announced on Wednesday to be coming to the Switch version of the game. First we have the "Mario NSR" and "Luigi NSR" battle cars which are cartoony Mario and Luigi themed vehicles with red and green colors respectively and their large trademark M and L logos on the front of the auto.

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The Home Mini is likely to be much as the Dot is to its elder sibling, but should make an all-Google voice system more affordable. A smaller and cheaper Google Home could be a smart decision, as it will encourage buyers to add more Google Home devices .

Whether or not players use the Mario or Luigi cars will depend on which team color they select before the match. This is absolutely the sort of sci-fi auto that we can imagine Samus Aran owning and it even comes complete with a Wave Beam boost trail. Like the Mario auto, Samus' Gunship features a special boost (Wave Beam) and will have two different variations to match the team you're playing on. As well as these new vehicles the switch version will have exclusive customisation items.

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In 2015, Mesereau represented Suge Knight in the former rap mogul's murder case, but the two parted ways the following year.

Seriously, pick up Rocket League. Mario and Luigi Toppers can be used on non-licensed customizable Battle-Cars, while a Super Star Rocket Boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi cars. Players will be hoping that RNG is on their side, however, as item unlocks in Rocket League are entirely random. This might prove to be slightly confusing, as each vehicle is primarily red or green, with blue highlights that are meant to look like their suspenders.

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