Magitek Exosuit Available Now In Final Fantasy XV With Patch 1.13

Magitek Exosuit In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV version 1.13 update now available

Released as part of this month's free update, more content has also made its way to the game in the form of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a new quest, and a new "Cross Chain" calibration system.

The 1.13 update, available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, adds the Magitek Suits as well as new quests, two new Trophies / Achievements and more.

In addition to making them all look like Dead Space rejects, the new armor gives each of them 30 minutes of invincibility per day. June's update saw the FF XV boys' auto, the Regalia, upgraded with off-road capability that let players drive it wherever they wish, a massive change from the road-only autopilot mode the game was originally limited to.

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A new ally cooperation system called "Rush Link" has been added.

Return of the beloved Moogle Chocobo™ Carnival - from July 31 to late September, players of all levels can once again journey to Altissia for limited-time-only mini-games, Chocobo water races and special Moogle Chocobo menu items at the Square Enix® Café*.

Save data from this version can not be used with save data from an old version.

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The 1.13 patch will be followed by a beta for the anticipated new multiplayer mode for Final Fantasy XV.

In case you missed Kotaku's earlier coverage, here are the old muteki suits.

It will run until Tuesday, August 8, with only those with a Season Pass eligible to join.

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