Google may be working on smart headphones

You could initiate an activity like playing music or making a call using the Assistant’s voice commands

You could initiate an activity like playing music or making a call using the Assistant’s voice commands

Mentions of the headphones, codenamed Bisto, was found within Google app version 7.10. While the Chromebook Pixel launch may help in rebranding the Chromebook brand, Google Home Mini is expected to compete with Amazon Echo Dot, both being miniature versions of existing smart speakers, Android Police reported Monday, citing sources aware of the company's plans.

"Your headphones have the Google Assistant". A specific line suggests there will be a physical Google Assistant button "on the left earcup" that can be pressed to activate it for your commands. "It's your own personal Google, always ready to help", the code reads. With these strings showing up in the Google app now, you have to wonder if these headphones are coming soon, though I'd imagine Google would want to hold a product like this until its big Pixel 2 reveal. At that time, it was speculated as portable audio device.

According to revealed information, the smart headphones would let you hear the notification and also give you an fantastic option, replying to notifications using your voice-meaning you don't have to use mobile to reply to notifications. The report also found a setup process as well as the ability for the headphones to receive OTA updates.

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It also appears that Google didn't include an always-on microphone with the product, which means that users won't be able to talk to the assistant with a wake phrase like "Okay Google".

Yet there are also references to two buttons - one for summoning Google Assistant, and another unspecified "top button".

It seems Google is ramping up its hardware efforts.

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Last year Google announced the then-all-new Pixel family in October, so it might be best to mark your calendars now.

Additional lines in the app provide some more information about the headphones.

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