Google engineer fired for 'sexist' memo takes legal aim at company

It is how Google's diversity and Bias Training will Resemble like

It is how Google’s diversity and Bias Training will Resemble like

Damore says he had support from his colleagues even before his memo had leaked to the public.

Google has fired the employee behind an internal company memo that alleged huge gaps in representation between men and women in the tech industry were due to "biological" differences.

Google engineer James Damore was sacked Tuesday for "perpetuating gender stereotypes" - in other words, saying something Google doesn't like - after he wrote a 10-page memo that said the company's affirmative-action like hiring policies and programs weren't helping the intended recipients.

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Google's leadership told its employees that Damore crossed a line and advanced harmful stereotypes, according to an email seen by Reuters.

Google this week fired the author of the controversial memo, which argued that women are not as prevalent in jobs like computer programming in part because they are more susceptible to "neuroticism". She added that a male employee had joined her team with a higher salary than her, despite her being his superior in the company.

"They're putting their ideology before truth", Damore said. Moderate liberals at the company don't believe the memo threatens the rights of women at the company, while moderate conservatives don't think his firing means they can't express themselves, this employee said. Damore, who has since been fired, has also said that he was considering suing Google.

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Google's Mountain View headquarters, along with other US offices of the company, will be targeted in the August 19 event, Posobiec said. Damore's memo and his firing have quickly become flashpoints in the culture wars with right-leaning writers and websites embracing Damore's stand against "political correctness" and those on the left decrying his "sexist" arguments.

Michael Willemin, a plaintiff's lawyer with employment firm Wigdor, also said Damore would have a hard time bringing a retaliation claim based on the idea that his memo constituted a complaint about discrimination against men.

All-hands meetings at the company are usually brutally frank, Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said in May.

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