Auto plunges seven floors from parking garage into alley below

A screenshot of the video which shows the impact after a vehicle plunged off the side of a parking garage in July

A screenshot of the video which shows the impact after a vehicle plunged off the side of a parking garage in July

A driver is expected to be okay after plunging from a 7 floor parking garage in Austin, Texas.

Austin police released video of a auto falling seven stories from a parking garage on July 13. APD said the lady's BMW experienced the maintenance wires on the seventh floor of the Littlefield parking structure and hit the working over the rear way as it fell, cracking a gas line.

The video, released Thursday, shows the auto bouncing off the pavement into a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, then rolling upside down in the alley.

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A woman in the BMW suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries. This is the second time a vehicle has smashed through the barriers at the Brazos Street auto park in two years: a Toyota 4Runner ended up dangling off the top level last September.

Burch and other witnesses rush to help the woman inside.

In the video released by the Austin Police Department on Thursday, an SUV drives slowly through an alley then comes to a stop.

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Jaw-dropping surveillance video shows the BMW coupe crashing head first into an alley in downtown Austin - only a few feet away from William Burch, who was in his Chevrolet Tahoe at the time. Amazingly, the driver of the falling vehicle survived, according to the Austin Statesman. One of the barrier wires caught his SUV as it was falling and left his vehicle hanging precariously on the side of the garage.

The garage owner reportedly said that these are the only two incidents like this to have occurred on the grounds.

Since Bowmer's crash, the owner of the garage has reinforced all cable barriers by placing plastic water-filled barriers in front of every parking spot. The scene of the accident is marked off with caution tape.

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