US Democrats introduce new bill on Russia and Iran sanctions

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, who spoke to reporters at an off-camera briefing said Monday that the White House is'fully supportive of the sanctions themselves but was lobbying to get flexibility in applying them

Another Russian crisis for Trump: White House tries to stop new law which would force punitive anti-Putin sanctions which president could not override

The Senate quickly approved a revised version of the bill, but House Democrats objected to having their power curtailed. The officials said the provision would infringe on the president's executive authority, according to an aide knowledgeable of the discussions.

Trump Jr. wrote back to Goldstone that, "If it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer", and he proceeded to set up a meeting. "I think frankly they did not realize the effect of striking some of the language which assured a vote by everybody". He said "dilly dallying" over a constitutional issue that has slowed the bill's passage in the House has amounted to "a ridiculous waste of time". But he appeared to object to a key part of the legislation that would give Capitol Hill a much stronger hand in determining Russian Federation sanctions policy.

Top Democratic senators warned President Trump's officials ahead of bilateral talks next week not to give back Russia's diplomatic compounds in NY and Maryland that were seized amid revelations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced plans Friday to force House Republicans to take on-the-record positions on President Trump's possible Russian ties. "I want to keep that bipartisan", Ryan said.

Russian Federation has been contemplating its own new wave of counter-sanctions specifically aimed at the ones that Barack Obama brought in back in December 2016.

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Marc Short, who heads the White House legislative affairs team, said Monday that the White House is "fully supportive" of the sanctions themselves but was lobbying to get flexibility in applying them. "Not a mode of assuring, as the Senate did, that we have significant oversight and protections vis-a-vis Russian Federation sanctions".

The administration is working to weaken legislation that passed the Senate by an overwhelming majority to impose and lock in sanctions on Russian Federation following what the intelligence committee concluded were Kremlin-backed efforts to meddle in the presidential elections.

"We have a special counsel that is doing investigation over at the Justice Department, we have an investigation here in the House, we have an investigation in the Senate", Ryan told reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference when asked about President Donald Trump's eldest son.

Hoyer also proposed a compromise to the latest procedural dispute, where the House majority and minority leaders would both be able to bring up the disapproval resolution, instead of any lawmaker.

The text of the bill initially passed by the Senate made clear that any resolution filed to block a presidential action on Russian sanctions would receive a House floor vote, meaning the majority party could not bottle it up.

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"We relied upon the House, and it was told to us it was technical in that it had the proper sign off", Cardin said. "This issue is easy to fix, fix it, send us back the bill - don't use it as an excuse not to pass the bill". It also introduces additional sanctions on Iran over its human rights record and support for allied Syrian militias.

But Ryan suggested that the House might address these concerns with changes to the measure.

The N.R.C.C.'s use of documents stolen by the Russians plays right into the hands of one of the United States' most risky adversaries.

He responded with typical evasiveness, telling NBCs Katie Hunt, "I'm not going to go into hypotheticals", while insisting that "it's important that we get to the bottom of this".

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