Trumps Spend $5 Million Less Than Obamas On White House Salaries


Is Donald Trump planning a surprise UK trip this week?

This year's reveals that 22 people earn the US$179,700 (NZ$246,119) maximum salary, including chief strategist Steven Bannon and senior counsellor Kellyanne Conway.

On Friday, White House released its annual report to Congress detailing the names, statuses and salaries of 377 employees.

And, because economic topics and not Mika Brzezinski's face or violent wrestling GIFs are apparently so hot on the administration's mind, here's a reminder that gender parity is vital for a healthy workforce that is able to support itself and retire with reasonable Social Security benefits.

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Women working in Donald Trump's White House earn 20% less than their male colleagues, according to new analysis.

The highest-paid staffer appears to be senior policy adviser Mark House, who is making $187,100 a year, according to the 16-page document. We must work to close the gender pay gap! In April, equal-pay advocates criticized the president for signing an executive order that rolled back a regulation meant to protect women's ability to earn the same as men.

Last month, Mr Trump declared that Mr Cohn, who has assets valued at $252 million to $611 million, "went from massive pay days to peanuts".

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When calculating the averages, Roll Call omitted the three employees who are taking no salary, including the president's daughter, her husband Jared Kushner, and a former Baltimore real estate developer., a private organization that tracks government spending, calculates that the Trump White House is costing taxpayers $5 million less, and employing 110 fewer staffers than the the Obama White House in 2015.

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