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This personal choice-based news streaming feature by Google is known as the Feed seems to grab the user's attention similar to the one seen on Facebook and Twitter. The new update will be named "Google Feed". Just tap on a given card in your feed or visit your Google app settings.

Google says the feed has improved due to machine learning, and apparently it will can now anticipate "better" what a user will find interesting, important.

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While most of the new features are iterative, with some form of them available in the Google search apps already, the addition of the Google feed to the main desktop sites will mark one of the biggest changes to Google's approach to search. Today they are back, aiming to do so with a new news feed that caters to what interests you the most.

The news was announced by Google on Wednesday that it was organizing and customizing its feed to add on the search page. It will provide us the list of topics based on your interest.

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Additionally, with an abundance of businesses using Google AdWords, the large amount of ads present take away from other content platforms' traffic. The original report uses quotes and images from Google's July 19th blog post about news feed upgrades, but Google's post was only speaking about the mobile site and apps. Then you'll see more stories, news articles around the preferred topic. For that, you'll need to check if you have the updated card design, as well as feed customization settings. Google launched a new content feed this week, which aims to deliver users content completely tailored around their tastes and behaviors. This is quite nice, since it helps you stay away from tons of useless information and be up-to-date only with something that really interests you. Users have so much anxiety in their minds, after hearing the news of Google change over to the new home page.

On "Google Feed", the company said the changes would begin rolling out in the United States initially, while it will be made available to other countries in the coming weeks.

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