Storm to the rescue! Heartwarming video shows dog save drowning fawn

Amazing video shows dog rescuing baby deer

Golden retriever swims into harbor to save fawn

Storm, once back on land, guided the fawn away from the water.

The video shows a Golden Retriever jumping into the waters off Long Island, New York, and furiously swimming a good distance out to this little deer.

Floridia said this time the animal allowed him to grab her to be saved, wrote the newspaper.

Amazing video shows dog rescuing baby deer

A dog that saw a baby deer in danger of drowning in NY jumped in and dragged it to shore. The deer struggled to stand up, so the dog carried the deer farther inland by the rocks.

When this angel of a dog, whom we do not deserve, spotted a fawn struggling in the waters off the NY coast, he immediately swam to the rescue.

When they saw the deer's head was underwater, Kutzing said, Floridia went into the water to rescue the animal.

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But the drama did not end there, as the little deer started to come round, it appeared spooked by its rescuer, Storm and ran back into the water prompting a second rescue.

Once the baby deer reached the shore, it laid down - and Storm got right down next to it, nudging and pulling on the scared animal as if to make sure it would be okay. "I really didn't have much of a choice. If I didn't go in the water, the deer would've died", he added.

She was rushed to the vet where she was given fluids and food, as well as treatment for ticks and an eye injury.

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But his lineage also makes a big difference in how he reacted to the helpless deer.

The fawn is recovering at Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation, where he is reported to be in "stable but guarded condition".

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