Sri Lankan Navy leads rescue operation to save two elephants from drowning

Navy rescues two more jumbos from sea

Two elephants saved in the middle of the sea in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan navy went through a mammoth rescue effort to save two young elephants from drowning on Sunday, July 23.

Neither of the elephants were injured during the operation and were seen walking inland after making it to the beach.

MADURAI: For the second time in July, the Sri Lankan navy carried out the feat of rescuing wild elephants stranded in the sea.

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It can't have been easy for the navy divers, as the elephants were barely able to keep their trunks above water.

Sailors were filmed earlier this month helping a lone elephant find its way back to sure after drifting around 15 kilometres from the shore.

The navy added that the elephants have been safely released to the Foul Point jungle [in Trincomalee district] after they were safely brought to shore.

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The rescue operation that lasted for five hours was carried out by Navy personnel of the Eastern Naval Command.


Neither of the animals were harmed in the rescue mission, according to an official statement from the Sri Lanka navy.

Sri Lanka Navy today came to the rescue of two more elephants that were swept out to the sea. Upon being alerted the Department of Wildlife in Trincomalee, a combined rescue mission was launched by the Navy and Wildlife officials to save these 2 wild elephants.

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The elephants are listed as endangered.

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