Russian Federation 'ready to take reciprocal measures' if U.S. doesn't return compounds

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Skye Gould Business Insider

He was responding to questions about decision of the Trump Administration to return a pair of Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland and NY that were seized from the Kremlin as retribution for Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

In December 2016, former President Barack Obama ordered 35 Russian officials to leave the United States and shut down two Russian owned estates that the American security establishment believed were used as a spy base for the Kremlin.

Among other things, they included shutting down two compounds, one in Maryland and one in NY, "used by Russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes", and declaring 35 Russian "intelligence operatives" persona non grata.

Russia's Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday that Moscow plans to expel some 30 USA diplomats and seize several US properties in Russian Federation, citing a foreign ministry source.

The warning came in response to comments made by an adviser to President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, who linked the rollback of sanctions to Russia's adherence to a deal to cease-fire in Syria.

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Russia is hoping that Shannon will have "detailed suggestions on how to resolve the situation" with the Russian property in the US, Zakharova said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry experrience large scale cyber attack originating from Iran and Hungary, as per spokesperson Maria Zakharova. Perhaps the Trump campaign all of the meetings with Russians taken by the president's campaign were all just coincidental, and they all just happened to forget about them - until, of course, the media uncovered them.

In January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow had foiled a number of incidents involving intelligence activities by members of the American diplomatic mission in Russia.

The Kremlin warned on July 14 that it would reject any preconditions for the return of Russian diplomatic property seized by the United States.

Flynn may have violated the Logan Act, which prohibits Americans from negotiating with foreign governments about disputes with the United States.

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"If they don't discontinue this practice, then it will be hard to build relations".

"If the U.S. partners do not understand differently, we will at some point have to act in this direction", Zakharova said at her weekly briefing, noting that the "long pause" on the issue has "dragged on".

"If there is no progress, we will have to take retaliatory measures".

"There is an impression that the White House is trying to solve a dual problem: on the one hand, demonstrate its position of strength in the relations with Moscow, on the other, it decreases the significance of the issue for bilateral relations".

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