Pokemon Go Fest Attendees Set To Sue Developer Niantic

Pokémon Go’ Fest Rewards Free Lugia and PokéCoins finally start rolling out for event attendees

'Pokemon Go Fest' offers refunds after being plagued by connectivity issues, long lines

While Niantic did offer in-game compensation to attendees for GO not working properly during the festival and extended the amount of time rare Pokémon could be caught in Chicago, the company has yet to offer to pay for travel expenses for anyone who made a cross-country or even worldwide journey. Chicago's Zimmerman Law Offices announced yesterday that attendees had filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic.

The event was plagued by internet connection problems that prevented many attendees from playing the game at all. In the meantime, you can always try to capture the legendary Pokemon GO by following our tips here.

Thomas Zimmerman, the attorney organizing the case, was first contacted by a man from California who travelled to Chicago for the event.

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Niantic promised that all registered visitors would receive $100 PokéCoins, as well as full refunds for their festival tickets and the promised Pokemon. For the people who went across the nation or even overseas, however. Zimmerman said to polygon.

"But Niantic is not offering to refund people's travel expenses for coming to Chicago". The suit alleges that some people flew in from other countries and all across the US.

Users who went to the Fest are demanding they are returned their Travel expenses. For them, the experience was rather unpleasant.

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As a result of these blunders, Niantic finds itself as a defendant in a proposed class-action lawsuit (PDF) over the scarred festival.

In my opinion, the answer is an obvious "No". The company promised its attendees that it will easy to find the legendary Pokemon. Given the distance, Norton had to buy a plane ticket, which turned out to be a waste of money, given that nobody at the event could play the new game update due to mobile network congestion. Poor planning was Niantic's Achilles' Heel on launch, and it came back to get them again during the one-year anniversary.

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