Google, Facebook Latest to Join Net Neutrality Protest on Wednesday

Illustration by Jason Reed

Illustration by Jason Reed

BFA said the protestors will claim that the FCC wants to end net neutrality, that Title II is the only way to preserve an open internet, and that ISPs oppose net neutrality.

Opponents of the commission's proposal argue that the net neutrality concept is based upon antiquated laws created to regulate telephone companies, not internet providers. Wheeler used Title II in order to reinstate the net neutrality rules and strengthen the restriction on paid prioritization. Proponents of the FCC's net neutrality rules, which were passed in 2015, say strong regulations are necessary to prevent ISPs from artificially directing customers to sites and applications they control or with whom they share special business relationships.

Facebook and Google have confirmed their participation in a wide-scale net neutrality protest scheduled for July 12th, according to Fortune.

In his post, Quinn calls on Congress to enact new net neutrality rules, rather than leaving rule-making to the FCC.

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Comcast Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., and AT&T Inc. have lobbied for the rollback, saying the regulations are unnecessary and could stifle investment into the internet.

Berin Szoka, a founder of TechFreedom a group that supports the roll back of net neutrality rules stated that the protest is "not going to stop" the FCC.

Earlier this year, President Trump's FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, launched a new rulemaking process to undermine the essential open-internet protections his predecessor established. The tech companies also have financial skin in the game: They fear that without net neutrality rules, internet service providers could charge them hefty fees to reach consumers with priority upload and download speeds.

Companies participating will display prominent messages on their homepages on July 12 or encourage users to take action in other ways, such as through push notifications and emails. The announcement instantly sparked a backlash from Title II supporters, who believe that removing it would lead to big internet companies altering services to favor their affiliates and harm their competitors.

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You can read the announcement for the day of action here. "Despite this fact, some of the country's largest tech companies will continue advocating for utility regulations that apply only to ISPs, while they themselves can continue to prioritize web traffic and content without regulatory oversight".

How are internet providers responding to the day of action?

The Federal Communications Commission docket for public comments on the existing Net Neutrality rules has already surpassed all records, with more than 5.6 million comments from individuals, organizations, companies and other interested parties - and many more to come as a result of Wednesday's day of action.

Other sites participating include Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Etsy, Vimeo, Amazon, PornHub, AdBlock, Reddit, DropBox, Spotify, and dozens more. While that day hasn't arrived, that hasn't stopped groups like USTelecom from filing a lawsuit to block the net neutrality rules.

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