Drinking coffee may help people live longer

Study confirms coffee drinking associated with longer life


Sattar said that one disadvantage of the research was that the fact that people stop drinking coffee - or drink less of it - when they are ill, a "bias is very hard to fully overcome".

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Southern California (USC) who conducted the studies said the positive effects of coffee are credible because of the antioxidants in the drink.

"We found that drinking more coffee was associated with a more favourable liver function profile and immune response", explained Dr. Marc Gunter, the study's lead author.

The findings came from the world's largest study into coffee's impact on health, involving more than 500,000 people in 10 European countries including Britain. Even those people who drank less coffee - anywhere from one to six cups of coffee per week - were 12 percent less likely to die.

In addition, people consuming two to three cups a day reduce their chances of death by 18 percent.

Lead author of this study and an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC Veronica W. Setiawan said: We can not say drinking coffee will prolong your life, but we see an association.

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Don't expect that chugging down the Starbucks will suddenly make you a centenarian, but this is good news for those of us who may have been feeling guilty about our coffee habit.

Leader of the U.S. study, Dr Veronica Setiawan also told the Daily Mail UK that it is the antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play an important role in cancer prevention.

Even if coffee has specific benefits, though, it would not be a magic bullet. More research would also be required to find out what compounds in coffee are the ones that benefit a person's health.

One of these studies surveyed over 520,000 people in 10 countries in Europe, thus also making it the largest the study till now on mortality and coffee drinking.

While researchers are hesitant to say that everyone should start downing Starbucks, stat, they are willing to conclude that coffee is safe to drink, and could potentially be beneficial.

"We can not say coffee will prolong your life", Setiawan said.

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Of course, adding sugar to coffee creates more health issues, such as diabetes. Therefore, people who drank decaffeinated coffee also received the benefits. Drinking two to three cups of coffee reduced the chances of death by 18 per cent.

He said that drinking more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day - equivalent to four to five cups of coffee - can cause symptoms such as dizziness and a spike in heart rate.

WHO, after labeling coffee a carcinogen linked to bladder cancer for 25 years, has announced in the previous year that drinking coffee reduces the risk for liver and uterine cancer.

Drinking coffee could cut the risk of dying early, with each cup increasing lifespan by up to nine minutes a day, research suggests.

Coffee is more than an obsession-it's responsible for a roughly $48 billion market in the USA, where 64 percent of people say they drink one or more cups a day, according to Gallup.

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